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New Lolene Interview

Our second interview with our favorite new artist, Ms. Lolene! We were lucky enough to interview her for a second time, and let me tell you, it was amazing talking to her! She's so inspirational! She talks about her experience being in a girlgroup, and writing songs for Christina Milian. It's a must read, if I do say so myself! Read and comment please.
Q: You've been raised by a single mother. How was it like for you? How did it help you pursue your career?
Lolene: It's all I've ever known as a person. That was my path in life. It was great because it created this special bond between me and my mom. It taught me how to be independent as a female in the world. It really brought out my strength of character and ambition, and it made me more driven and a lot stronger. I really want people out there who come from single homes to know that you don't have to be a statistic. You can go out there and do great things.
Q: You're very inspirational, did you know? I mean, your quotes are amazing, and you really have a way with words.
Lolene: Thank you! That means a lot to me 'cause I don't wanna be just another airhead singer. I wanna spread positivity, and uplift people through my music. I want to become a voice, in general, not just through music, so that really means a lot to me, that you say that.
Q: What I really like about your music is that it's really diverse. One minute, you're doing these sexy club songs ("Sexy People"), the next you're doing these really inspirational and personal ballads ("Ordinary Girl"). Where does that come from?
Lolene: It comes from me being a writer, fore mostly. I could've made any kind of album; I could've made a reggae album, I could've made a rock album, or even an alternative album. But I really love pop music. I love pop so much, and it really is an honest reflection of who I am. I'm very upbeat, I'm very happy, I love to go out. The thing about my album is, you know when people sometimes want to go out and party, but other times they feel sad or want to reflect on themselves for a minute, so I wanted to write music that could bring out all those emotions for young people.
Q: Actually, your songs could be your diary. They could be anyone's diary. I mean, you've got so many emotions on there, and many people can relate. Your music is relatable. It's universal.
Lolene: Exactly! I'm an English girl living in America making music for the world. There's no boundaries, it's just pop music. That's my cause for [debut album] The Electrick Hotel. I want everyone to come check in, and check me out. It's got many different levels and different floors. It's just a house of music.
Q: "We are architects of dreams and dreams come true."
Lolene: Yes! Say it. Love it. Live it.
Q: How did you come up with that?
Lolene: Architects are people who design and build, and so we design our own dreams, we conceive them as people. I believe dreams come true. If you can dream it, you can do it, so we are architects of our own dreams, and you can achieve them if you work hard enough.
Q: Where do you come up with this? You're really inspirational. Like what you said before about being raised by a single parent. You did it, you pursued your dreams, and it gives people in that situation hope. You made it, and so can they.
Lolene: I don't think I made it. I think I'm making it. I'm on a journey. I'm making it slowly, but surely, you know? I'm just enjoying my career. It's important for me to recognize the achievements I made, and am, hopefully, going to make. I always say I wanna be the brown Madonna. I wanna be international, universal. It's important for me to keep growing and building my career. I'm very thankful to my fans right now, and the future fans I will have who like my music, and will join me on my journey, you know? To all the great bloggers, as well! Like you! I'm thankful to so many amazing bloggers who really got behind me, and I'm just thankful to everyone.
O: I've been a fan for forever, and you've been growing in front of my eyes. You're finally making it. You just shot a magazine cover, right?
Lolene: Yeah, I did. My single, "Rich (Fake It 'Til U Make It)", is my first official one. My previous one, "Sexy People", went to number 5 on the dance charts but we never released it as an official song. We even made a low budget video just for fun. This time, though, with "Rich", we're going for a larger platform. I'm really excited about it 'cause it had such tremendous feedback online. I can't wait for it to take off on radio.
Q: How did the song "Lion Heart" come about?
Lolene: "Lion Heart", I think, is one of the best songs I've ever written. It came about, because, you know, I live in L.A. and I think love is a really hard thing to find. I think people are really scared of love because they're afraid of getting hurt, so I think, to give your heart to someone really takes a lot of courage and bravery. It reminded me of a lion heart. In order to be brave enough to love someone you have to be courageous and bold, and just go for it. So when I talk about having a lion heart, I'm talking about being brave enough to love someone, and everything in your life that happened before this person is gone, and now, it's a new life with your lion heart.
Q: "Lion Heart" is the next single, right? "Ordinary Girl" and "Die Without Love" should be the ones after it.
Lolene: We're focusing on "Rich" right now. Once we're done with that, we'll release "Lion Heart". I can't wait to unveil it. But "Rich" has to do really well in order for me to release the other songs. I really like "Die Without Love", too! I also love "Under the Bus", "Beautiful Disaster". It's a 16 track album, by the way! So there's like loads of songs.
Q: You actually started your career as part of a girlgroup. How was that experience?
Lolene: That was really fun. Those are fun memories. They were actually best friends of mine. Back then, I was just getting to know how to write music and sing. Just finding my way. So we would sing together for fun. We spent a lot of time together, even heading to the studio, but nothing came from it. It was a good time for me 'cause it was an experience I shared with good friends of mine.
Q: You're not actually a newbie. You've been writing songs, doing your thing, just been underground for awhile.
Lolene: Yeah! I do feel like a new artist, though. I'm not from America, so everything is pretty much new to me, but it's affecting me positively, which is wonderful. But yeah, I have paid my dues and come a long way.
Q: You actually wrote songs for Christina Milian that were never released. ("Diamonds", "Invisible Man")
Lolene: It's such a shame, 'cause they're such good songs. But that's what happens. I've had loads of artists record my music, but a lot hasn't come out. It just happens that way. It's just the way it works. But she's a great person. I love Christina, and we wrote many great songs together.
Q: Her versions of "Sexy People" and "Kiss It" were recently leaked.
Lolene: I know! Her and I are good friends. At the time I was making my album, I was writing a lot of music, and she was making her album. I was writing for her seperately, but also writing my own. She was there when I recorded a lot of my songs. I wasn't sure at that point what I would be using, and what I wouldn't. Now and then, I would let her cut some of my songs, just to see how it works out. It's kinda sad they're out there. They weren't intended for that.
Q: You signed with J.R. Rotem's publishing label, Beluga Heights. How did that come about?
Lolene: I was in L.A. on a writing trip and his manager Zach [Katz] got a hold of one of my demos, so he invited me to meet with him and Jonathan. I sang for them and played them some of my work. We really got along, and they really liked me as a writer. They ended up bringing me here [L.A.] from England, and signing me with their publishing label.
Q: I couldn't help but notice there aren't any J.R. or Danja songs on your record, though. Why is that?
Lolene: I did all my writing for other artists with Beluga Heights, so it made sense for me to branch out and work with new producers for my album. Just have it as a new situation. J.R.'s music has a certain sound, where mine has more of a European sound. It just made sense for me to work with different producers to make a personal album. I'm so thankful to J.R. for the opportunities he's given me, though. I'm really good friends with Danja, too. But I'm not gonna put a song on my album just because it's a Danja, or J.R. song. I want to put the best songs on my album.They might be from a kid you've never heard of, but I wanted to work with people who are up and coming. I'm not really attracted by name, I'm attracted by sound.
Q: You actually said you're looking for the "new RedOnes" of the world.
Lolene: Yeah! I wanna be innovative. I'm not trying to tag onto any names that are famous. At the end of the day, I don't need fancy names to make me feel valid as an artist. If the song's great, the song's great.
Q: What advice do you have to people who want to follow their dreams?
Lolene: I would say take your craft very seriously, first of all. If you want to be a singer, or a writer, or a producer, it's very hard work. It's not a walk in the park. You have to be really dedicated to it. Be prepared to get a lot of rejections, that comes hand in hand. But, most importantly, once you've prepared yourself for rejection, never give up. EVER. Never let anyone tell you you're not good enough. Also, to be polite. Be persistent, but not annoying. Never give up. Follow your heart, always have faith and keep following your dreams 'cause they will come true.
How amazing is she? Honestly, I was mesmerized by her. She's just an honest and down to earth person who's doing what she loves. Inspirational. Hope you enjoyed reading the interview as much as I enjoyed doing it! Her single, "Rich (Fake It 'Til U Make It)" is out now, so request it on radio and get it off iTunes! Her debut album, The Electrick Hotel, is out in August!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I haven't posted 'cause I've been so busy! Forgive me. Here's a parting gift for now! The ACTUAL HQ version of the new album by the Sugababes, SWEET 7, in 256kbps!

1. Get Sexy
2. Wear My Kiss
3. About a Girl
4. Wait For You
5. Thank You for the Heartbreak
6. Miss Everything w/ Sean Kingston
7. She's a Mess
8. Give It to Me Now (MISSING)
9. Crash N Burn
10. No More You
11. Sweet & Amazing
12. Little Miss Perfect

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Alot of British girlgroups have been emerging as of late, but none as appealing as Girls Can't Catch. The group first appeared in early 2009 with their debut single, "Keep Your Head Up" which made waves on the Internet. They surprised and impressed us with their deeper, edgier Pop sound and unique voices and looks, and since then, we were hooked!


The girls have just released their second single, "Echo", on January 18th, and it's looking to be doing really well for them. Their still untitled debut album is set for release this March, and will include production from Johnny Douglas and Shaznay Lewis,


We recently had the opportunity to interview our favorite member, the amazing Jess Stickley. Check out what she had to say about everything from Kanye West and Taylor Swift to touring with the JoBros to making it in the US. Check it out below!


SPM: Congratulations! I heard "Echo"'s just been A-Listed on Radio 1, right?

Jess: We heard about that yesterday. We were very, very happy! It's really, really cool, and it
made my week.

SPM: Why was the group called 'Girls Can't Catch'?

Jess: Basically, we had lots and lots of meetings where we got together and tried to come up with a name. The name that we'd chosen was put forward in one of the meetings, and we all loved it. We were like "That's a wicked name!" and we just went ahead with it, and it stuck with us
from then.

SPM: It's quite a cool name!

Jess: Thank you! I think it's quite different. Some people either hate it, but some people love it.

SPM: We've been following you on Twitter for awhile now, and you've mentioned alot of hip hop
artists, i.e. Gucci Mane and Wale. What would be your dream hip hop collaboration?

Jess: Definitely Kanye West! I've loved him for years. I've actually seen him five times, and I
just find him so inspirational. He's an amazing producer and performer so I think he'd be wicked to work with.

SPM: What did you think of the whole Taylor Swift incident?
Jess: I watched that, and what he said was what quite what alot of people were thinking. I just think the way he did it, going up there on stage, he did it politely. He said sorry, and people didn't agree with him. I actually found it quite funny and humorous. He's actually quite funny.

SPM: People were taking it too seriously, weren't they?
Jess: Totally, about the backlash, alot of people who knew that I love him said to me "How can you still like him, we're disappointed in you" and I just thought 'He said what everyone else was thinking.' I think he's a great artist, and Beyonce should've won after all, but maybe I'm a little bit biased.

SPM: His music should speak for itself. He's a great artist, and it shouldn't matter what he said or did.
Jess: Exactly. He's allowed to do what he wants, which is the reason why he's become so massive, because he's so different. He's groundbreaking and his opinions, people don't agree with them, but he gets people talking about him.

SPM: What's your favorite song off the album?
Jess: A song called "Unconditional". Also, another song called "Alone", which is more of a ballad. It was actually written by Pixie Lott, that's quite a big favorite. We actually did "Unconditional" on tour when we were supporting Girls Aloud. When the album gets released, I'd really like to hear what people think about it. Hopefully, they love it as much as I do.

SPM: How is it like having Pixie Lott write a song for you?
Jess: It was amazing! I love her. I'm a really big fan of hers. I got her album and I think she's really talented, especially since she's been writing from an early age. It was really nice saying we got a song written by her, and I've heard from people who know her that she's really pleased that we got the song, so it was good.

SPM: She's very talented. She can sing, she can write. She's the whole package.
Jess: Totally. I think she's gorgeous, as well. She's got a really good look. I've seen her perform live, we've done a couple of gigs where she happened to be performing as well. I think she's got a wicked style, and I love her songs.

SPM: There are alot of rumors on the internet. Was "Echo" actually meant for Rihanna?
Jess: Apparently, that was on a story that was released this week on the papers. I don't know for sure if it was meant for Rihanna. I don't actually know the true facts, but when we were given it, we heard it was meant for her. It might've been, I don't know.

SPM: It doesn't actually sound like a Rihanna song. Good it went to you.
Jess: Oh, yeah, totally! I remember the first day we heard it. Someone played it for us; our A&R guy said "How about this song?" and we loved it. We said "Oh my gosh, that's just amazing!" and there was this buzz around if we were gonna get to record it. Then, it actually got to be the single. We were so, so happy.

SPM: It's an amazing song, and you girls did it justice.
Jess: Thank you! I'm really glad everyone's quite loving it. Hopefully, they really do. Everything seems to be going in the right direction, which is good for us.

SPM: How was it like supporting Girls Aloud on tour?
Jess: That was amazing. That was right in the beginning, when we first got together. They said "Look, you're gonna go out on tour and have a blast" and it really was amazing. First night, I'll never ever forget it 'cause I was so nervous. I've never done anything on that scale. I just stood backstage, shaking so much, but when you get out there and play arenas like Wembley, it's such an amazing experience. Just actually being with the girls, and seeing them backstage. We spent quite alot of time with them and they were very supportive. When we were doing soundcheck at 5 o'clock or whatever, when the arena was empty, they would come and watch. That was quite nerveracking. One of them sat front row. They actually knew who we were, and were so supportive.

SPM: It was your first time performing together, right?
Jess: Actually, we played G-A-Y sorta as a warm-up to get is going, but yes, it was a real first performance of us as a group, and it was six weeks that I'll never forget.

SPM: How about the Jonas Brothers?
Jess: That was really good. That was different, but just amazing. Actually, in some respect, nothing can beat our Girls Aloud tour since it was our first time as a group, but it was good. About the Jonas Brothers, we didn't know what to expect. We actually got warned beforehand. They told us "You have never met fans like the Jonas Brothers fans", they were just crazy. They were so supportive. I've never heard screams like that. It was such a big buzz being there. It was so lovely, 'cause, like, a couple of nights, I watched the show after and people knew who we were. On the GA tour, we were unknown, but this time, people knew who were were and we were like "Wow!".

SPM: That's a huge deal. The Jonas Brothers are huge all over the world.
Jess: We didn't know alot about them before, but after what we saw every night, they're so talented. They're genuinly lovely guys. On the first night of the tour, they actually came out to introduce us. That was huge. It was an amazing opportunity, and they're really genuine guys, so friendly when we saw them backstage and stuff. I'd go back and do it again.

SPM: Have you decided on a title and release date for the album yet?
Jess: We haven't actually! We've had a few brainstorming sessions, nothing really serious, talking about names and stuff and we came up with a few ideas. We'll find one when the time is right. About a release date, there's not one set at the moment. Probably around March time, I think? We may release another single after "Echo", or it may come after "Echo". We'll see.

SPM: Sugababes 4.0 are coming out with an album in March too.
Jess: Really? I love them. They're really, really good. I'm definitely gonna be buying that, I love them. They're kinda more hip hop and R&B, which is why I like them.

SPM: What do you think sets you apart from other British girl groups, like The Saturdays.
Jess: Fundamentaly, we're all girls and we're all groups, so there really isn't a huge difference. From day one, we were really focused on the vocals. We've always said we have three leads, no specific lead. We're all partaking together. We were scouted for the fact that each of us could hold her own.

SPM: I think you have a different, deeper sound than the other groups. Plus, as you said, there's no lead, which is refreshing.
Jess: Exactly. I really enjoyed that, and I think because we all had the passion. I wanted to do this since I was three years old, I used to sing in my room for hours and hours. All I wanted to do was be in music. Plus, we can all sing. I think it's worked out really, really well.

SPM: Who have you worked with, in terms of producers?
Jess: There's one producer who did quite alot of songs for us, like, as I mentioned, my favorite song, "Unconditional". They were done by Johnny Douglas, and he's worked heavily with George Michael and Estelle. It was really cool working with him. He's got a real hip hop vibe to him. We all loved him, actually. We've also worked with Shaznay Lewis. She's written a couple of our tracks. One day, she came while we were recording one of her songs, she was so lovely. She was in the biggest girl group in the UK for awhile, she's still amazing, and her songs are brilliant.

SPM: All Saints were great. I miss them.
Jess: Me too. I'd love them to come back. I was quite young when they came out but I still had all their albums. They were really cool 'cause they were different. They never tried to be anything. They were who they wanted to be, and they didn't dress up and weren't all glamorous. They were different in a good way. Girls Aloud are wicked, they dress really well, but All Saints dressed down and it worked really well.

SPM: Can you catch?
Jess: I can! We did a show once before, and the TV host had eggs thrown at us, and I managed to catch it with one hand. It was caught on TV. It's one of my proudest moments. They were like "I can't believe you were able to catch it!" so it was really cool.

SPM: Who, or what, is your biggest influence?
Jess: Definitely Kanye West. I've had all his mixtapes from an early age, and I love the way he dresses, and everything about him. Femalewise, someone like Beyonce. I've seen her a couple of times, she's so powerful. She's groundbreaking, too, and I just think people like her and Kanye have really made an impression on music, which influenced me.

SPM: Have you decided on a third single yet?
Jess: We haven't decided for sure, but there's "Turn Me Up", which we did on tour. It was written by Shaznay Lewis. Quite alot of people are liking the sound of it, but we don't know for sure. We just have to wait and see, I guess.

SPM: I love that song.
Jess: Thank you! It's actually weird, 'cause when we do gigs and stuff, it's mainly guys that love that song. It's guys that come up to us and tell us that. It's funny how I've noticed that that's the one that's popular with guys. I don't know why, but it's really cool.

SPM: What did you think of 2009's X-Factor?
Jess: Well, it was definitely hilarious with Jedward. They were really cool, and I think good on them for doing it. They were shown alot of hatred. They were booed all the time, but they carried on. I'm really glad, though, that Joe [McElderly] won. I really think he's actually the most talented. I did love Olly [Murs] as well, but I think Joe was very different, I think he can go far.

SPM: What do you think of: Lady Gaga?
Jess: Love her. I think her songs were the songs of the Summer, like "Poker Face". What she's doing is extremely different to everyone else. I think she's awesome. I'd love to see her on tour.

SPM: Ke$ha?
Jess: She's really cool. Haven't heard much of her, I've heard two or three tracks. I'd like to see more of her, and I think her look's really cool.

SPM: Lily Allen?
Jess: I think she's great. I really do like her. She's really cool, and as a lyricist. she's really funny. I find myself laughing when I hear her songs.

SPM: Susan Boyle?
Jess: I don't even know what to say about her. I know she's doing really well in America, which is crazy. It's really unfair about how everyone had opinions about her looks and her age. She can sing, but I haven't heard any of her stuff.

SPM: Any plans to crack the US?
Jess: It would be amazing, but we'll see. I've only been there twice, I went to New York last year, which was amazing. I'd love to go back and see all the places.

SPM: Congrats on everything!
Jess: Thanks so much!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

PREVIEW: Sugababes "Wear My Kiss"

Check out a preview of the Sugababes' "Wear My Kiss" music video! The single is out February 15, while the album, Sweet 7, will follow in March!


Hmm... It's okay. I was expecting much, much more, but apparently it's a work in progress, so I hope the official version will have more scenes. I love the song though!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Timbaland & Katy Perry Shoot New Video!

Timbaland, seemingly, isn't too phased about the low sales his sophomore album, Shock Value II, has garnered, he's already shooting new videos!
As we speak, Timbaland is shooting the video for his newest single, "If We Ever Meet Again", with Katy Perry, according to CherryTree Records' and Jim Beans' official Twitter pages.
Both Jim and Martin Keizurnbaum (Cherry Cherry Boom Boom!) are on set. More updates soon!
My favorite song off the album along with the Miley one! I was a bit disappointed in the album as a whole, though. I'm glad this is a single! It's a surefire hit. Hope the video's great, too!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Girlicious, Robin Antin's trashy pop girlgroup, once a foursome, now down to three members (after member Tiffanie Anderson, far right, was kicked out for 'being too hood'), are planning a 'comeback' of sorts, after their debut album failed to make any impact in any country other than Canada.
According to member, Chrystina Sayers' (the blonde one) official Twitter page, their new single should be dropping this week, and they are currently finishing up on their sophomore album.
Their album will be released this February, stay tuned for more news.
I'm kinda excited! I loved most of their debut album, I'll admit, so I want to see this 'new direction' they're going for. I still think they're complete sell-outs and attention whores, but we'll see... It's the music that matters, right?

Sunday, December 13, 2009


SUPERSTAR, Hilary Duff, has made it on the cover of Nylon magazine! Check out a snippet of the interview below:
Her clothing line, Femme for DKNY Jeans:
“I got to bring in textures that I loved and tell them about the shapes that I like. I designed clothing that I feel are staples for my closet. I think that’s really helpful to girls who need to know they can mix high-end with low-end, and you don’t have to buy a complete outfit the way it’s shown in the store. Every girl needs a great leather jacket, and every girl needs a skinny pair of black jeans.”

On her close bond with her mother:
“My mom is rad. I feel I’m so much like her. I don’t know if it’s wrong to drop an F-bomb in the same sentence as your mother, but I’m so f**king lucky to have my mom. She’s just taught me so much and given me so much, and she has such an open heart.”

The experience of fame:
“I walked into a mall one day and was mobbed by people. And I just remember feeling really different than everyone else. I felt really loved. But it was weird at the same time. I don’t necessarily like to walk into a place and be recognized.”

Taking the part of starlet Olivia Burke on Gossip Girl:
“I was a little hesitant. It was kind of close to home… then I realized, I would never say something [that Olivia says] like, ‘Oh, this is just for the cameras.’ I think that’s what makes me so different from some of the other people my age. It seemed for a time there were people who hated each other – and I knew they hated each other – but they were in pictures together all the time, smiling and throwing their arms around each other. I was like, “You’re in the same business I am – how can you do that and feel okay? I so wouldn’t do that.”