Saturday, December 12, 2009


"Father of the year" and Britney's baby daddy, Kevin Federline, aka Fed-EX, aka K-FAT, is making news again... For slimming down after gaining a gazillion pounds.

The "rapper", "entepreneur", "dancer" and gold-digger has taken part in VH1's reality (another?!) show, Celebrity Fit Club, airing in January. His attention-seeking ex-girlfriend, Shar Jackson, has also commented on this for whatever reason (attention-seeker!), saying "everybody will be shocked" at this "very painful" ordeal.

Yeah, it was very painful getting that fat paycheck, I'll bet! I was shocked when I saw pics of K-Fed looking like a hybrid between Free Willy and an albino rat, but once I heard rumors of a reality show, I was as shocked as Tiger Wood's wife after the upteenth 'mistress' came out of the 'woods'. It's obvious he did this for the show, I mean, anyone with half a brain could see that.

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