Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Girlicious, Robin Antin's trashy pop girlgroup, once a foursome, now down to three members (after member Tiffanie Anderson, far right, was kicked out for 'being too hood'), are planning a 'comeback' of sorts, after their debut album failed to make any impact in any country other than Canada.
According to member, Chrystina Sayers' (the blonde one) official Twitter page, their new single should be dropping this week, and they are currently finishing up on their sophomore album.
Their album will be released this February, stay tuned for more news.
I'm kinda excited! I loved most of their debut album, I'll admit, so I want to see this 'new direction' they're going for. I still think they're complete sell-outs and attention whores, but we'll see... It's the music that matters, right?


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  2. They are all actually very talented singers, they're not trashy (like the way this website looks; i think you need to work on your photoshop skills) and they are great dancers and PHENOMENAL performers. I know it's your opinion but I really don't see why you would call them "sell-outs" and "attention whores", I mean, they're singers, -beautiful and talented ones, what kind of singers wouldn't try to get attention? That's what you're suppose to do. Also, if they were sell-outs, they would not be coming out with a sophomore album, they would have given up, but they didn't; they didn't leave their fans and show love to us all the time.

    -Thee Phonthephasone